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Shenzhen Tianlang Times Technology Co., Ltd (Tianlang Times), founded in November 2005, is a Sino-foreign joint venture headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The registered capital is 4.42 million RMB. The company consists of Marketing Department, Research &Development Center,International Center for ISLI&MPR Affairs, Finance Department,Office of thePresident and Human Resources Department.

Core Business

Provide the compound digital publishing solution;

Provide technical support for the whole process of compound digital publishing;

Operate the compound digital content delivery platform;

Develop andmanufacturee-reading terminal devices;

Promote ISLI&MPR in other fields;

Develop special applications and provide related services;

Collect and integrate cultural and educational materialsso as toproduce creative productsby buildinglinks between its content.


Leadership team:Among our shareholders, Hong Kong MPR AP, founded in 2008, and Shenzhen Langyue Investment Company, founded in 2010, were set up to invest in MPR Tech. In addition,some of the shareholders of MPR AP are investment experts who have worked for globally renowned investment banks; some of shareholders of Langyue are technical and marketing experts from globally renowned IT companies; the company’s founders are experts in capital market and publishing.

Management team: Our management team is made up of elites with vast experience in the fields of publishing, IT andbusiness management. Our R&D team is made up of specialists in the fields of IT and publishing.