'ISLI Linkchain System' Unveiled on the 14th ICIF in Shenzhen 
'ISLI Linkchain System' Unveiled on the 14th ICIF in Shenzhen
The 14th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF) kicked off in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre on May 10, 2018, the Fair lasted 5 days. To serve enterprises, institutions and their practitioners in pressing and publishing industry, MPR Tech unveiled 'ISLI Linkchain System' during this year’s ICIF, aiming to promote the development of content industry in digital environment.

ISLI Linkchain System Booth
As the first international standard in information and documentation field initiated by China, ISLI standard is a forceful instrument for the State Administration to realize the digitized and codification management of content resources. With the support of ISLI standard, linkchain system, and root-content server--a device which integrates the most fundamental technology system of linkchain system, serve the rarest "quality information contents" in the current information era, its emergence had attracted attention of national and provincial administrations. Xie Donghui, deputy director of former Digital Publishing Department for State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT), Zhou Huilin, member of Standing Committee of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and head of Shanghai Municipal Publicity Department of CPC, and Zhong Qingcai, deputy chief of Administration of Press and Publication of Guangdong Province visited 'ISLI Linkchain System' booth successively, they paid close attention to and guided on the brand-new application of ISLI standard and linkchain technology in content publishing field.

Xie Donghui Visited 'ISLI Linkchain System' Booth

Zhou Huilin Visited 'ISLI Linkchain System' Booth

Zhong Qingcai Visited 'ISLI Linkchain System' Booth
The Fair is the first appearance of 'ISLI Linkchain System' on public platform. 'ISLI Linkchain System' is a technology system MPR Tech developed under the support of State Press and Publication Administration, which can satisfy the demand of integrated development of journalism and publishing industry. With ISLI standard as foundation and information-content-oriented technology chain as core, the System includes four parts, i.e. content-terminal, channel (platform), resource-side, and cloud data centre which can interconnect and collaborate with each resource-side. It runs through the whole process of content industry from production and processing, release, transaction to end-user reading, which can make press, publication, radio and television industry the dominant power of Internet. 'ISLI Linkchain System' integrated-publishing form and content products made based on root-content server shown during the Fair had attracted many industry professionals and visitors.

Professional from Publishing House Inquired and Experienced 'ISLI Linkchain System'
Root-content Server Constructs Big Data of Contents

Root-content server is the most fundamental technical device of ISLI Linkchain System, which is also an important part of Linkchain System. As content-resource side, it's nuclear node of the whole system, which matters a lot to publishing institutions to identify the link of, process and manage content resources, to assure the safety of content resources and to realize the self-control and operation of contents, to build intercommunication and interaction with readers. With root-content server as hub, the big data of contents accumulated on it will provide significant reference—on data—for the production, processing and management of the whole industry. Both publishing units and industry management institutions assembled with root-content server can conduct prompt and methodical management via it, it can provide forceful support to the precise discovery and processing of copyright infringement.

Integrated Publishing Form Was Welcomed

The brand-new 'ISLI code + linkchain' integrated publishing form is quite unique on the 14th ICIF, 'Products Experience Zone' has attracted much attention from the audience.

'Products Experience Zone' was divided into two parts: 'ISLI Linkchain System Experience Zone' and 'ISLI Products Display Zone', it could provide demonstration and experience for the audience in the Fair. 'ISLI Linkchain System Experience Zone' is oriented to the professionals in publishing industry, which is a means provided to them to know and experience ISLI linkchain. 'ISLI Products Display Zone' is oriented to the end-users, which is a zone to provide integrated reading experience for them. Multiple publishing houses in China have assembled root-content server currently, and they have published a lot of ISLI integrated publishing products. The products displayed on the exhibition includes MPR all-media publication (app-scanning form), MPR touch-reading publication (talking-pen reading form) and ISLI e-book etc.

ISLI Integrated Publishing Products from Different Presses

Introducing ISLI Integrated Publishing Products for Visitor

Visitor Was Experiencing ISLI Integrated Publication
In addition, Digital Publishing Company of Guangdong Provincial Publishing Group, MXR Software Technology Co., Ltd. and MPR Tech held a signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation on the application of 'ISLI + AR' in content publishing field on May 11, 2018. The holding of signing ceremony means the integrated application of ISLI standard and AR technology in publishing field is officially achieved, which will open a new page for ' ISLI+AR' integrated publishing.

Guests Pose for a Picture at the Signing Ceremony for ISLI Strategic Cooperation