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MPR Technology also provides customized solutions for our customers in various fields according to their needs. User can define MPR code application and track linked content. And it is also ensured that every code used to link content is unique.

Theory of MPR anti-counterfeiting technology
Within the MPR System, every MPR code assigned to a product is unique in the world. Without affecting printing quality and increasing printing cost, MPR code is printed on a printed material, serving as a unique digital ID card of the product. Then a user uses a dedicated analyzer to resolve the code so as to verify whether the product is counterfeit or not. If it is genuine, the code will be resolved successfully and the content linked by the code will be rendered in the form of audio or video.

Two service systems
MPR code embedding system
MPR application system

Intellectual property
According to the ISLI standard, all ISLI codes are unique in the world. And the MPR anti-counterfeiting technology is the application of ISLI in the field of anti-counterfeiting. MPR Technology owns the intellectual property rights of the MPR anti-counterfeiting technology as well as a dozen of invention patents.

Application fields
Anti-counterfeiting securities and certificates, hidden storage of information and information access rights control, product identification, information linking and application in the some special fields such as military and police