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After embedding MPR codes in textbooks and supplementary materials, educational institutions upload their MPR publications to the Public/Education Cloud via the delivery system so that terminal users (students) can read them using various recognition devices.


Efficient: 80 percent of teachers, students and parents believe that, MPR textbooks and reading devices greatly increase the efficiency of teaching.

Convenient:The combination of textbooks and reading devices makes learning and teaching more easy, reliable and convenient.

Compatible: There is no difference between MPR textbooks and traditional textbooks in appearance, which enables smooth transition to MPR-version textbooks and gradual innovation.

Extensible:Enable balanced distribution of teaching resources; enable interaction between teachers and students and real-time management; enable teachers to edit teaching materials anytime.

Right protection:MPR code will be unavailable if they are copied, scanned, photographed, and it is also traceable. So it can prevent copyrights of publishers, schools, authors and teachers from being infringed.

Cost effective: Compared to the old mode of a traditional textbook and a tape/disc, the MPR publication is a compound publication that combines multiple content carriers, which is cost effective for students and parents.

Environment friendly: It is resource efficient and conforms to the trend of low carbon living.